Thursday, March 6, 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Cosmetic Bag Set of 3

I have been on the hunt for matching makeup cases. The ones I see in Walmart or Target are not the type of cases I prefer. I don't want something with a ton of colors or patterns. I like a classic, neutral look with a little bit of glam.

I was watching a Youtuber named 'Checkinthemirror' and she had shown this little makeup case in a 'What's In My Purse' video. She went on to describe it has a perfect case for her purse, that she got it on Ebay, and that it also came with two larger cases. Being YSL, I assumed it would be costly, instead it was just $23.00. Turns out it was one of those items you can buy, after you spend 'X' amount on something else YSL.

I checked out the seller and just decided to go for it. What's the worst that could happen? If it turns out to not be a legit YSL product, I wouldn't be upset over it, because $23.00 is still a steal for THREE cosmetic cases. In stores, they are way over priced for one, and they are not that cute either.

The quality of these bags exceeded my expectations. The material is thick/durable, the zipper moves easily, and the gold charms/chains add a nice pop of glam to the black cases. They're structured and can stand up without falling over. They need to be shaped, due to laying flat for so long, but that is the only issue I have.

I had hoped to get this in time and posted before the seller ran out. However, looking today there is only one left. I immediately shared this with my FB group for 'Proud Product Junkies' just now, when I went to add the link to this blog post. I will share the link, just in case it is still available when this blog post goes up.

And no, I am not the Seller. I paid for these with my own money.

Ebay page for 3 YSL bags




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