Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kate Spade City Slicker Bee - My First Kate Spade Product

Recently, (okay, not so recently), I have been annoyed with my larger bags, and never being able to find anything in it My husband makes jokes about my handbags, I can't stand it, but no matter what I do, it becomes a dumping zone. I will search in a panic for my 'keys' and think I left them somewhere. I will be two seconds from dumping my purse out on the ground and then, I find the damn keys.

This Christmas I was sent some money and decided to use it on something that will last. I am not a person who ever spends a significant amount of money on handbags, jewelry or shoes. In fact, I hate shoe shopping. What kind of girl am I?? I have no problem dropping some money on makeup, but a shirt?? Nope. I think twice before I buy a $10 t-shirt, but I can buy a $20 lip gloss without a second thought.

I noticed Kate Spade was giving an extra discount off of sale item and decided to check it out. I noticed this beauty and decided to use some Christmas money on it. Originally it was $78.00 and after the discount, I paid $40.50 with free shipping. I hoped that this would simplify my handbag issue by forcing me to lighten my load. I mean, I don't have kids, I don't have a need for a large purse, so why am I carting around a Mary Poppin size purse??

This arrived yesterday, I ended up using it right away, and I want more wristlets like this. I know I can get them cheaper, but the ones I would see in Target were either A). Ugly or B). Poor quality. If I am going to spend money on something, it better last or at least look good.

The name of this from Kate Spade is called' City Slicker Bee'. It is black with gold dots all over. The handle is a thick, soft plastic and doesn't pinch your skin. The Spade on the front is gold and says "Kate Spade New York". Inside is all black, no pockets and a little gold spade charm.

I fit my debit card, my license, cash, my HTC Evo Shift phone, my Smashbox lip gloss, a little eye glass cleaner rag, and my keys in this easily. I don't think I will be using a purse for a very long time!

Lipgloss is for a size reference.


  1. Wristlets are awesome! Coach Outlet has great ones at good prices. If you don't like their C print, there are many solid colors. I had the same problem with keys but then I bought a bag that has a keyring. It's such a lifesaver. x

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  3. wow what a gorgeous bag :) the colour combo is fantastic!

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