Friday, September 6, 2013

Limited Edition Maybelline EyeStudio in Fall Temptation and Violet Femmes

This is going to be a quick post of the Limited Edition Maybelline EyeStudio palettes. I heard 'itsbl0ndie' talk about the limited edition palettes in her recent Drugstore haul, and I knew I had to see these in person.

I never purchased the EyeStudio palettes before, but I have heard rave reviews on the longevity and pigmentation. I decided if i was going to try it, this would be the perfect time if I found the limited edition palettes. Sure enough, I found it yesterday in my local Walgreens and couldn't decide between two of them. I ended up purchasing both and at checkout I learned they were B1G1 50% off, sweet!!

I haven't used them on my eyes yet (keyword, yet), but I will soon enough. I can already tell from swatching them, that they're opaque, and will wear a long time. After I swatched them, when I tried to wipe it off my hand, it ended up leaving pigment behind on my hand. Almost like a stain, but nothing soap and water couldn't remove.

I love these colors so much, that I had to share it immediately, due to the shades being limited edition. If you like the colors, I would go to your Walgreens or local drugstore that sells Maybelline, and check out their new display. This will not be with the current Maybelline products, it will be separated with other new products in the store.

These were $9.99 at my local Walgreens and I got the second one half off.


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  2. love the second palette. Those colors looks amazing!

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