Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shiseido Facial Cotton & Talking About Cotton

Even my husband loves this and asked me to re-purchase it asap. If my husband likes something, I tend to listen because he rarely agrees with me on products or just doesn't have much concern.

I just wanted to make a quick post today, as an order I placed arrived and I just wanted to talk about it. I just re-purchased the Shiseido Facial Cotton pads and I paid about $9.50 for a pack of 165 sheets. Each sheet I can about two uses out of because I cut them in half. I buy these because they are cotton pads I trust and are tested for harmful substances. Cotton is one of the most heavily treated materials, because of the heavy amount of insecticides that are used in treating cotton.

When we use cotton to treat a wound or to remove make-up or to apply a treatment product, the thought that this piece of cotton has harmful substances doesn’t cross our mind. Well, maybe it does for some of you, but it didn’t for me until a few months ago.

The thought that I was applying my organic/natural products to my skin, with a material treated with harmful substances, did not sit well with me. Better yet, I was treating burns/cuts on my body with cotton that was harmful and I was putting that directly into my blood stream? Yes, there are other harmful ingredients in products we use daily or come into contact with, but it is important to become aware of what is in the products we use.

Does this mean you need to quickly switch to 100% organic today? No. All that this means is to do your own research and question the ingredients in the food and products you use. I think the problem with people going organic or natural, is you start to become overwhelmed with the information and you want to switch 100% in a day.  I know I felt that way, so I try to transition myself step by step, to make better and more informed decisions with what I purchase.

Could I get cheaper cotton pads? Could I get better cotton pads? Sure I can, but this is what I am comfortable using right now. Here is a link to read more about cotton and how it is treated. 


  1. I love these for removing face/eye make-up (toning etc) and keep repurchasing them but still use the cheaper round pads for removing nail polish.

  2. I want to throw everything out and start over, but I also restrain myself. As we run out of items around the house we look into healthier alternatives to replace that item. It would be far too costly to throw out a bunch of stuff you've already paid for and replace everything all at once. I know my cotton pads are just about out, so maybe that'll be one of the next things I replace. That honestly hadn't even crossed my mind. It should have though, because I remember reading about treated vs untreated cotton prefolds when I bought cloth diapers, and I opted to go for the untreated/unbleached cotton.

  3. Hi :) I found your blog through Beauty Broadcast and I'm liking it so far so I gave you a nomination for a Liebster Award :) If you want to accept it the rules and details etc. are on my blog in my April posts. Anyway I have a sample of these pads and want to try them but I misplaced them! I always hear good things about them!