Monday, March 25, 2013

CLOSED/Winner announced - GIVEAWAY!! Maybelline Color Tattoo in the LIMITED EDITION shade Barely Beige.

After reaching 50 + subscribers, I said I was going to do a GIVEAWAY and here it is.

I am giving away the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Beige. This was a limited edition product that was hard to find and I ended up finding two. I kept one for myself and kept one to do a giveaway.

Here is my blog post on this product to see swatches and my thoughts on it.

Giveaway Rules
You can enter between March 25th to March 29th at 12pm PST. I will announce the winner by 1pm PST on March 29th .

1). You must be 18 years or older. By entering you agree you are over 18.
2). You must be following my blog on Google Friend Connect, Hello Cotton or Bloglovin (not all, just one way).
3). Make sure to leave a way for me to contact you (no phone numbers) to get your mailing address if you win.
3). One entry per person.
4). Comment on this blog post telling me why you enjoy makeup (or anything on makeup you want to share).
5). After you follow and comment, you're entered into the giveaway :)

I have decided to do more giveaways in the future of products that maybe didn't work for me or products I have just swatched. I will tell you if I have used them, but I figure if something doesn't work for me, it would be better to give it away to someone who might enjoy it. 

AMANDA DODSON YOU HAVE WON THE MAYBELLINE COLOR TATTOO IN BARELY BEIGE. I will be e-mailing you for your mailing address, please respond within 24 hours or I will have to give this to the runner-up.


  1. Wearing the right makeup helps to boost my self esteem. As a mom of three young kids and the wife of an AD service member, its easy to forget to take care of myself, and my self esteem tanks. When I get dressed and put my makeup on, I feel energized and productive (as silly as that sounds).

  2. When I first started wearing makeup I wore it to cover everything up. I wanted that completely flawless face. It has taken me years to finally be comfortable with the way my face looks even if I have a blemish. I like the way makeup can enhance the features I find beautiful on my face that took me so long to accept. Having the confidence in my own skin allows me to be able to use makeup in a way to so that other people will see the beauty in it. I no longer use makeup to cover up but to enhance what I was given.

  3. I wear makeup partially to enhance my features but more because I enjoy the act of putting on makeup. Moms get so little time to really do something just for them, and that's what makeup does for me. I share so many parts of my life with my son or my partner, but makeup is just mine.

  4. I wear makeup to even out ,y skin tone and feel beautiful. I don't often feel pretty but when I wear the right makeup it changes that perception.

  5. I just love makeup - it makes my pale face brighter, without a lipstick and a mascara my face is too white and forgettable. Makeup makes me feel more confident and beautiful....
    GFC: Lulu

  6. I love all beauty products, from makeup to skin care lines and hair care. I really enjoy collecting makeup as well. I use it for enhancement mostly, and to make myself feel a little more put together. I also enjoy letting my skin breathe and not wearing any makeup at all. I think everyone can benefit from even the smallest amounts of makeup to make themselves feel better about themselves, enhance certain features, or draw up something more dramatic. I also enjoy collecting and exploring different types of makeup and skin care brands because they all work in different ways and I'm always researching on new ways to improve anything. email:

  7. I like makeup because it helps hide the mombie. I feel like people see me and not my blemishes
    Email jess.king714 at Gmail. Com

  8. Makeup helps me feel more confident. My skin hasn't been the best these last few years. I've had moderate acne and I would never leave the house without foundation and concealer on. Now my skin is slowly improving and I'm getting to the point where I'm okay leaving the house with just some tinted moisturizer and powder.