Monday, February 11, 2013

Vidal Sassoon Extreme Smooth Combing Creme - Review

Today I am going to talk about the Vidal Sassoon Extreme Smooth Combing Creme. I found this at Target over a week ago for $3.99, among a whole new section of Vidal Sassoon products. Looking through all the products, this product caught my eye as I was having issues finding an affordable smoothing crème for my hair.

My current products were making my hair hard/stiff or it wasn’t strong enough to keep my hair smooth all day. When I would blow dry my hair, my hair would get stiff as it continued to dry, making styling more difficult. I figured for $3.99, I had nothing to lose if the product didn’t work and decided to give it a try.

On the bottle, the product description is as follows: VS Extreme Smooth Combing Crème provides intense conditioning to smooth out frizz and flyaways for hair that’s so sleek it shines.  A professionally inspired formula for a fashionable sleek look.”

After using it for over a week, I have determined that this is a great product for the price and would recommend it to anyone who has the same issues that I do. You only need a nickel size amount (I have hair down to the middle of my back), it spreads easily through your hair and while styling it does not make your hair stiff.

Picture of the ingredients for those that are curious

I have used my Brush Lab round brush and my paddle brush to style my hair, both worked easily through my hair (almost like there was no product). The smooth/straight style lasted over two days and I did not need to restyle it. The Extreme Smooth Combing Crème will make your hair smooth, polished, but not like you just used a straightening iron. Think of it as a step below a straightening iron for your hair or at least it appears that way for my hair.

Keep in mind, I have long hair to my mid back, it is normal/wavy and has never been color treated.

I hope this review helps anyone that was on the fence or maybe inspires you to try something from this line. I know I will be trying someone else out, because this worked so well for my hair.

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  1. Great review!! And for $3.99 TOTALLY worth the try!! I have crazy lion's mane hair and definitely need something to tame it! I will definitely be trying this! Thanks :)