Sunday, February 24, 2013

UPDATE: I just fell in love with a PRIMER! Sephora window shopping and the two months of a NO BUY.

I did what I said in my blog post last night; I went and bought the primer today. I was a little sad, (not because I was spending $34 on a freakin’ primer) but that I was no longer getting the Too Faced Boudoir Soft & Sexy Eye Shadow Collection. I put aside $40 to purchase it, but instead I used that to buy the MUFE HD Primer. Yes, I could just go and buy it or put the money aside again, but I had every intention of going on a two month NO BUY, after that purchase.

The Boudoir Eyes palette wanted me to take it home :( lol
You are probably wondering what I mean by a ‘NO BUY’, and I will explain it to you. A ‘NO BUY’ is just that, you don’t buy anything that is not a necessity. If I run out of shampoo, I am going to buy more of that, but I won’t be buying a lip-gloss or anything else related to it.

I like to test out new products, but I have enough to test right now and I want to enjoy what I have. I just cleaned out my products, gave some to a friend, I am sending some to my sisters and will probably clear out more products during this time, too.

Not buying products doesn’t mean I can’t look and boy, do I LOVE to look. I love watching hauls on Youtube because I can get the thrill of seeing new products, without it touching my bank account, ha ha.

When I was at Sephora, I took a look at the Buxom lip-gloss in ‘White Russian’, I thought it was beautiful, but I think ‘OH-LA-LA’ is much more my color. I actually love every color in the NEW Full-Bodied Lip Gloss line from Buxom. I was impressed by the color options and the quality of the colors, but I waved goodbye and told them I would be back in two months. I didn’t really do that, but I did leave the store mentally kicking and screaming.

Here are all the glosses I saw for the Full-Bodied Lip Gloss from Buxom

I hope everyone had a good weekend and if you bought any goodies, please share what you purchased.

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  1. Im just about out of primer and been curious about this one and I love Buxom glosses:)

  2. I finally went out and bought the NYX Naturals palette. I'm not quite sure how to use it though... :/ I played around with it a little tonight and probably will more this week to see if I can figure out a look that I like.

    1. Can you take a picture of the palette and send it to me? Like a close up so I can see the colors?