Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Maybelline Color Whispers - Lust For Blush & Faint For Fuchsia

This is now a review, if you want to read my review on the Maybelline Color Whispers and other swatches, click here. This post is just for pictures of two new shades of the Maybelline Color Whispers.

As stated in a previous post:
I personally like these better than the Lip Butters from Revlon, because they were much heavier than the Whispers. They felt to have a more ‘buttery’ feel to the lips that didn’t last all that long. Where as, the Color Whispers, are light on your lips, but pack a bunch of color, for a much longer wear time.

 The top shade in 'Lust For Blush' is now my all time favorite nude lip. I have been wearing this shade everyday and need to get some back ups. I LOVE this lip color!!!

TOP: Lust for Blush
BOTTOM: Faint For Fuchsia
***I wanted to take a better picture of this, but I cannot find the bottom shade anywhere!!!!

Left: Faint For Fuchsia
Right: Lust For Blush

Top: Lust For Blush
Bottom: Faint For Fuchsia

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