Saturday, February 23, 2013

I just fell in love with a PRIMER!!!

All my primers and not including the UD Brightening primer, Revlon and so many more that I have tossed.


Okay, this will be long but as you see my picture with a BILLION primers, you can understand why I am shocked. I was cleaning out products and samples to give to my friend Jenna, and came across the MUFE HD primer. I decided to give it a shot and put it aside to try out later that day. Now back up to a day before this,  I was talking to my other friend Laura, about how I think primers are all a joke. I have never once noticed a difference with a primer, or the longevity in the wear. If anything, I would use them to try to lesson the appearance of dry patches through my foundation. She went on about one she liked and I was like “whatever” (in a nice way, lol). I tried the MUFE hd primer yesterday and was blown away by the way my foundation wore, how long it wore and how glowy (not greasy) my skin looked. Today, I put it on with my Smashbox 15 hour wear foundation and I only needed ONE PUMP. ONE FREAKIN PUMP!!! Not to mention I normally need THREE (the pump is not a full pump on the bottle).

MUFE HD Primer in Neutral

The lines on my forehead are not creasing with my foundation, the pores on my nose are blurred out, my skin is glowing from underneath and it looks beyond flawless right now. My skin is very sensitive and it has not reacted at all to it.

Not to mention, my face is a MESS right now with hormonal acne and dryness. You would not even know I have a mess underneath right now. I have been blown away by this product so much, that I am going out first thing tomorrow to buy a full-size, since I never want to be without it. If you know me at all, you know I am the biggest skeptic when it comes to products, so for me to jump and buy something this quick is a big deal (to me it is).

I don’t want any of these primers in my house anymore, I am about to box them up and ship them out. Minus the Eve Pearl because I do like that when my skin is crazy dry and I did pay for it. Sorry to be so long and just without any structure, but I have been in shock over this.

I cannot believe this has been sitting in my collection of samples for months!!!!! ARGH!!!!!! 

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