Friday, February 15, 2013

Haul - Shop Lately and Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

This post is just about two rent purchases and a little talk about one of my favorite accessory sites – ShopLately. Everday there is a new sale event of accessories that are marked down for a limited time or until it has sold out (you have to click on the SALE section). I check the site daily/weekly, (just depending on my mood) and I keep my eye out for good deals on unique pieces. I find it easier to shop on this site, then to go out to Forever21 and try to find something I like at a low price. When the sale event ends, it goes back to the retail price and you can purchase it still on the site (unless it is removed due to limited stock or other reasons). Basically, if you want something, get it because stock is usually limited.

Cost for all three pairs $5.99

Sweet note and free cuff :) - No one writes notes anymore!
Shipping is at a great price because it is a flat rate of $2.99 per seller.  Basically, if you buy two pieces from two different sellers, you will pay two separate shipping fees, so you’re looking at $5.99. The items ship from the seller, if that helps explain why the shipping fee’s.

I have ordered jewelry, scarves, a great pocket watch necklace and now this order and have not had a problem with my orders.

Here is my referral link, every friend that signs up with my link gets $5 and I get $5, too. I didn’t know this when I started my post; I just found it out on their website.

I have been looking at this book from Bobbi Brown for almost a year and decided to just get it. I don’t have any beauty books and since this is such a favorite of many, I purchased it off of amazon for $11 (not including shipping). I have already started to flip through it and it seems like a great book for everyone. If you’re starting out of have been using makeup for years, this book is great learning tool for everyone. I am blown away by the amount of information on each page of this book.

Inside Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

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Just the little bits...
~ I have had a few things going on recently and I am trying to deal with them. I apologize for not blogging much, but I hope to get back on track soon :)

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  1. I haven't bought/read a good beauty book in years:) x