Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Three Favorite NYX Eye Shadows: Flamingo, True Taupe & Charcoal Brown

This past weekend, I noticed I used only one eye shadow to complete my look. Each day it was a different shade, but each shade was strong enough to use all over my lid and in my crease. I thought I would share those shades (as I use them quite a bit) and my brief thought on NYX eye shadows.

NYX Eye Shadow with flash
Left to right: Flamingo, True Taupe, Charcoal Brown
NYX eye shadows come in 72 different shades from shimmer, metallic, sheer, matte and frosty. They retail for $5.00 each, but some shades you can get in a palette form or just wait for a good sale (Ulta often has B1G1 50% off NYX sales) for the individual colors. I have not been let down with the NYX line, the pigmentation and the overall wear time of the eye shadows is right up there with the high-end lines. NYX eye shadows are buttery, blend is easily, very pigmented and are a great value for the price. I have found that I reach for my NYX eye shadows, just as much as I reach for my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.

NYX Eye Shadow without flash
Left to right: Flamingo, True Taupe, Charcoal Brow
My three favorite shades are Flamingo, True Taupe and Charcoal Brown. Each shade is pictured with a close up and swatches. Which NYX shades are your favorites?

Charcoal Brown
True Taupe


NYX Eye Shadow Swatch
Left to right: Flamingo, True Taupe, Charcoal Brow

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