Friday, January 11, 2013

Wet n' Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection - To Reflect Shimmer Palette in Rose Champagne Glow - Review

Wet n’ Wild has launched a new line called Fergie Centerstage Collection. I love Wet n’ Wild, they have some of the BEST drugstore make-up and at such an affordable price. When I saw they launched this line, I knew I would be purchasing at least one item from this collection. I ended up buying two things, but I am going to go back for a second look.

 The first product that caught my eye was the To Reflect Shimmer Palette in A045 Rose Champagne Glow. This caught my eye because it was a beautiful pink shade and it reminded me of a high-end highlighter from Dior in Rose Diamond.

The Rose Champagne Glow is a blend of three different colors, baked together to form this beautiful palette. The size of the palette is pretty impressive for the price and the quality of the highlight. When you swatch it (see pictures below) it does have shimmer, but not the kind of shimmer that is flakey and makes a mess. This has a slight light pink glow to it, but not too pink in a way to feel like it is not age appropriate. 

I have used other baked products and they have flaked in the pan rather easily. This product will only flake and cause a mess, if you use a heavy hand.

You do not need much of this to go a long way, if you use the right tool (I prefer the ELF Fan Brush) you can apply this to the areas of your face you highlight, and you will have a beautiful highlight to your skin. If you do not have a fan brush, just use a clean fingertip and brush over the product, then apply to the area’s you wish to highlight.

I rarely fall in love with products but I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I really wanted to get the Dior Rose Diamond highlighter; I just could never justify the price tag for a highlighter. Every time I would go into Sephora, I would look at it, swatch it and try to convince myself it was worth the $. I am happy to say that I am glad I didn’t get it and the Rose Champagne Glow is a close enough dupe to work for me.

Swatch at a different angle

This collection was found at my local Walgreens, I would check your local drugstores to see what they have. I have heard this is a limited edition line, so I would get it while you can.

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