Sunday, January 20, 2013

Maybelline Color Whisper - Review

Today, I am going to talk about Maybelline Color Whisper. I know you’re thinking that it doesn’t sound appealing, but trust me when I say that they’re the missing link between a lip gloss and a lipstick. 

Top: Pink Possibilities
Bottom: Pin Up Peach
The Color Whisper’s come in 20 shades that are all very wearable to all skin tones.  They offer nude, pink, plum, red, but they are universal shades that flatter every skin type. I am very fair (I am lighter than NC15 in MAC), but when I looked at each shade, I could tell they would work for anyone. The product is gel based, with no waxes or oils. This retails around $5.99 (or at least that is what is was at Target), and the best part is, they are odorless!

I personally like these better than the Lip Butters from Revlon, because they were much heavier than the Whispers. They felt to have a more ‘buttery’ feel to the lips that didn’t last all that long. Where as, the Color Whispers, are light on your lips, but pack a bunch of color, for a much longer wear time.

Top: Pink Possibilities
Bottom: Pin Up Peach
I am sitting here trying to figure out how to describe how it feels on your lips, and the best way I can say, is it feels like I just put on my EOS lip balm. The EOS lip balm is not a heavy lip balm; it is very light on your lips, too.

The shades I have are ’30 Pin Up Peach' (a peachy shade with little specks of shimmer) and ’65 Pink Possibilities‘ (a bright baby doll pink with no shimmer). I enjoy 'Pink Possibilities' more because it doesn’t have shimmer and lately, I have been into brighter colors (Example: Bobbi Brown blush in Pale Pink). Plus, the brightness of this shade looks great with my fair complexion. I enjoy ‘Pin Up Peach’ too, but I grab for Pink Possibilities more.

As you can see in the swatch, they both have a beautiful shine to them.
Left: Pin Up Peach
Right: Pink Possibilities
The creamy, almost shine, look to your lips when you first apply, does fade over time (more like 2 hour), but it is just because it is exposed to the air. It is the same concept when you apply a lipstick, the creamy look will fade and that is why we top it with gloss. However, with this product, when you go look in the mirror it still has that shine to it and it doesn’t look dull. I have worn this for a few hours, but find myself re-applying not because I have to, but because I love how it feels on my lips.

I will end this saying that I am the type of person who always wear lipstick and lip loss, but I do not need it with this product. As always, your lips need to be exfoliated or the product will cling to it. This is my new favorite lip product; I am shocked by how fast I have fallen in love with this product.

Just the little bits...
~ Once I get 50 followers, there will be a giveaway for my followers!
~ Trying a new skincare product out and I think it is a winner for controlling oil and shine!
~ Took a picture of my desk after I did swatches, I love to see the beauty desks of other bloggers, just because I am curious to know what they use. This is soooooo not all my make-up, I have drawers all around me.

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