Friday, January 4, 2013

Clarisonic Acne Clarifying Cleanser & Brush Head

I first purchased my Clarisonic Mia 2 back in March/April, my friend Jenna and I went to Sephora for a sale they were having and she convinced me to get it (okay, okay, she didn’t force me, but she made good points). We both purchased the new version that had the Acne Cleaning Brush Head and the Acne Daily Clarifying Cleanser, included within the kit. It was our lucky day to have not only a Sephora employee helping us but we were working with a Clarisonic representative, who provided us with all the information needed to make an informed purchase. For me, this was an impulse purchase but one of the best ones at that.

I started to use the Clarisonic every night after I removed my make-up, to deep clean my skin and to get anything left over. I noticed a dramatic difference in the tone and texture of my skin, plus, my acne decreased.

I have used both the Deep Pore and Sensitive brush heads and found them to be too much for my sensitive skin. You would think the Sensitive brush head would be more gentle, but according to Clarisonic’s website, the Acne brush head has “Extra-plush bristle gradation helps to provide ultra-gentle cleansing for sensitive and acne-prone skin.” As you can see below, you can see the bristles and notice the difference for each brush head. 

Sensitive, Deep Pore, Acne

Recently, I repurchased the brush head and the cleanser in a little kit around $45 from Sephora. Within 24-hours of using the Acne brush head and the cleanser, my skin tone immediately improved. My pores looked better, my skin was less irritated, the redness decreased by 50% and my dry patches were almost completely headed. The acne on my face has decreased and is healing nicely with the help of my acne prescription. If you're using the wrong product within your skincare routine, everything else is going to not work as it should (which I have noticed). 

If you have used the Sensitive brush head and thought it was too much for your skin, I highly suggest you try the Acne brush head. Also, it does not have Acne ingredients on the brush head; it is made to use on the sensitive skin of those who are acne prone.

Kit I purchased from Sephora

The Acne Daily Clarifying Cleanser is light blue, it has a light scent and provides a slight lubrication to your skin to help glide the brush head over your skin. It washes off easily without leaving product behind and your skin feels clean but not stripped of essential oils. The cleanser works to clear your blemishes and helps your skin to heal with the vitamins that are within the cleanser.

There is no way I can say that this will all work for everyone, we all have different skin types and different needs. I do not believe this is a miracle product, but I do believe it is helping my skin and I enjoy seeing the benefits on my skin.

**Try the Acne brush head if you have had issues with the Sensitive brush head. 

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