Wednesday, January 23, 2013

20 Make Up Beliefs

I wanted to write a blog today, but my reviews on a few products are still in the works. I was making a cup of coffee and started to list off things in my head that I believe are important when it comes to make up. Next thing I knew, I had a list running through my head and decided to write them down.

These are just my thoughts, you may agree or disagree with a few points, but I would love to hear your thoughts on this. What do you believe when it comes to make-up?

1). Exfoliate & Moisturize!! If your skin is dry or flakey, your foundation with cling to your dry patches and it will make your foundation look bad. Not only will it look bad, but also as your day goes on, the dry patches will get drier and crack your foundation. To avoid this make sure you are exfoliating enough and using the right moisturizer for your skin type.

2). Finding a good primer for you face is like finding a good foundation. It takes a lot of trial and error, but once you find one that works, your foundation will wear longer and look better. * Go to Sephora and get samples, they’re free!

3). Shaped and filled in brows can make all the difference to your look.

4). Your skin coloring changes often, do your make-up in natural light to make sure you’re matching your face to your neck/chest.

5). No one has ever looked bad with foundation, brows done, lipstick and black liner on their top lid.

6). Make-up is not about being like everyone else, it is about being yourself and doing what you think looks good.

7). Some people say bronzer is the key to their look, but I say blush is. Blush makes all the difference in your look because it perks your face up.

8). Foundation is the one make-up product I think you should invest your money into.

9). Exfoliate your lips every night and follow it up with a good lip balm. Your lipstick will thank you.

10). I do not believe in spending $30 on high-end mascara, when you can get an equally good one at the drugstore.

11). The best advice I was ever given was to buy quality make-up brushes. Even though you’re spending a bit more on quality brushes, you won’t have to re-purchase them and they will last much longer. This has turned out to be true for me, and I have not needed to buy new eye brushes since 2004.
12). If you use a lot of powder products, spray your face with some sort of setting spray to blend it all in and take the powdery look away. MAC Fix + is great to remove the powdery look and no, this is not a setting spray.

13). As Mally Roncal has said, “Blending is your friend”, blend your foundation in, and blend it around your hairline, around your jaw and down your neck. You want your foundation to blend in seamlessly and you want to avoid the line of demarcation. Take an extra minute to blend all around your face, even if you think it is blended in; just go over it one last time to be sure.

 *If you wear your hair back, don’t forget to apply foundation behind your ears and blend.

14). Don’t listen to one person’s opinion on make-up or any beauty related item. Take what one person says (myself included) and do your own research. You have the power at your fingertips to get tips, tricks, reviews, swatches and dupes for so many different products.

15). Bronzer is not universal to every skin shade. Make sure you’re getting a color that is not too orange for you and won’t look muddy on your skin. It is best to go and test bronzer at Department stores or specialty stores, wear it in the sunlight and see how it looks on your skin tone.

16). Don’t apply foundation under your eyes; it will be the main reason your make-up cakes or creases under your eyes. Leave that area for products designed to be used for the under eye area.

17). If you want a pouty lip, just apply lip-gloss to the center of your lips and not all over.

18). Men do not like to wear your make-up! Set your make-up with a setting spray, so it will last longer and the chance of your significant other wearing your blush (after a make out session) will decrease.

19). A color corrector can be your best friend when your skin is too red or your dark circles are too dark.

20). This quote from Kevyn Aucoin pretty much sum’s up my thoughts on beauty. That it doesn’t matter how much or how little make-up you wear, someone thinks you are beautiful just being you and you should always know that.

“Yes, but everyone is beautiful to someone” – Kevyn Aucoin

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  1. A few years ago I didn't get the whole moisturize "craze". I thought that because my skin was oily (at the time) it didn't make sense to add anything else to it. Boy was I wrong! My skin got a lot less oily since I started moisturizing and the texture improved tremendously. I don't feel like my skin is oily anymore actually. That was one of the biggest beauty "don'ts" that I committed.

    I agree with spending on quality brushes and foundation. When I first started using brushes I wasted so much money on cheap ones that I have just thrown away because they shed or scratched my eyes.