Sunday, November 11, 2012

Target Make-up Haul & Random Products

After watching the MMandLShow last night (I love these girls!!!), I had the urge to go to Target to checkout a few of the products they mentioned enjoying. I was more interested in the E.L.F Blush ‘Pink Passion’ ($3.00) because they said it was a dupe for Bobbi Brown’s ‘Pale Pink’ ($25.00) (which I just ordered from Sephora). I much prefer the price tag of ELF, compared to the price tag of Bobbi Brown, so if it is a dupe, I will be returning the more expensive product.

Being the concealer junkie that I am (I could just start calling myself a collector, ha ha) I also picked up the Loreal Paris Visible Lift Concealer in Fair ($10.99). I will try this out for the next few days and see how it holds up. I don’t know if the coupon is still available or not, but if you go to Loreal Paris online, they offer coupons for their products. I was able to get a $2.00 off coupon for any Loreal face product and used it towards this purchase.

Yes, this is a beauty blog but it is my blog and I like the share things not always beauty related. I picked up the Downy Unstopables at Walgreens (9.7 oz for $4.99) because I have heard rave reviews on this product. I am just sharing this to get the thoughts of anyone else that has used it? I don’t really have an issue with our clothes not smelling fresh but I just love trying new things out! This sounds so sad typing it out but it is the truth.

This was probably my favorite purchase from Target; a wood décoration with the word ‘Noel’. If you know me, I have been on the hunt for the perfect Noel decoration for over four years. When I lived at home with my parents, my mother would put out a Noel decoration every years, the Noel was broken up with each individual letter, being held my an angel. We would switch the letters around to say ‘Leon’ which would always make my mother yell “ELIZABETH” or when she wasn’t home “NICOLE”. Yeah, we would get in trouble but the happy memory of trouble making has stuck with me for years. My hunt for separate but not trashy Noel figures has come up empty but when I saw this at Target, it jumped out to me. Maybe one day, I will find what I am looking for but for now this will work.

Just the little bits...
~ Honestly, I wanted to write up a review on a few products but I have head a major headache since I got home.
~ I am debating on starting up a blog on my dog's, thoughts? Bailey is entertaining enough that I don't think I would ever go a day without material, lol.
~ 16 days until I turn 26, 11 days until Travis takes his next chunk of time off and in less than 3 weeks, I m going to cut my hair for the first time since January.


  1. That video was so interesting! I just subscribed to them, I had never come accross them before.

    I literally ordered Pink Passion from elf last week because I was looking for cheaper alternatives to products on my wishlist. I'm excited for it to arrive.

    I do follow a few pet blogs (on Tumblr) so I say go for it if you like!

    x Coco

  2. I hope you like Pink Passion just like I do now. I will say, after receiving Bobbi Brown Pale Pink, that the Pale Pink is softer and more refined in comparison to Pink Passion. I still need to swatch and wear the two separately to get an accurate yay or nay.

    Thank you for the encouragement on the pet blog :) I talked it over with my husband and he thinks I should go for it too.