Thursday, November 1, 2012

November and the month of 'I am thankful for.."

Everyone is posting on Facebook, "I am thankful for..." and filling it in because that is the trend during the month of November. Some people are going to get "annoyed" by the posting on Facebook, they will say "I can't wait for this month to be OVER, I am tired of seeing the 'I am thankful posts' but I think it is sweet and encourage everyone to do the same (preferably all year round but you get my point). To those that get tired of what people post online or to the people that bitch about everything, my response to you is this, maybe you should stop finding everyone so annoying and start spending less time judging everyone else :)

Regardless, this is my blog and I get to write/say whatever I feel like and I want to join in. I found this picture a week ago and this is what I want to be thankful for.

I am thankful for still having my sparkle, no matter how much I beat myself up or no matter how many turns life takes, I am happy that I still have my sparkle and I am still me. If you can't start off with liking yourself, how is anyone else ever going to like you too?

No one can take away the aspects of you that are 100% you, the aspects that make you stand out from the rest and just make you, sparkle.

Just the little bits...
# I turn 26 on the 27th :(
# My husband said I am going to be an old lady :(
# I really don't care about getting older but what I do care about is being called 'Ma'am' eek!

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