Friday, October 19, 2012

Birchbox October 2012

Here is my Birchbox for October 2012!


I am sharing a picture of the product card that comes with the box (so you can see the specific details) but they didn’t include the Essie polish name ‘No More Film’ and the Naked Princess gloss in ‘Barely Coral’.

I think the hit in this box is the Kiehl’s body cleanser, it soft scent but a scent I would have never picked out on my own (Orange flower & Lychee, yeah, not my first choice). You do not need a lot to wash your entire body; it lathers well but the part of it I love the most is it makes you body very soft! With winter coming and the weather becoming cooler (I don’t expect a typically Winter here in Vegas) but I think anything that will keep my skin soft is a winner in my book. The only downside is the price tag ($24) but you have to decide if that is where you want to put your money or not. 

Lifestyle Extra: I really wish they would stop putting food in my boxes. I appreciate the extra but I am just very hesitant to eat something from my beauty box. Needless to say, if my husband doesn’t want it, it will be ending up in the trash can.

The little bits…
#Just checked my e-mail to see Influenster sent me a discount code for candles at B&BW!! I also checked and found out my Beauty Blogger box will be here today.
#Registered for classes yesterday!!
#My face is getting better each day that passes and hopefully soon the peeling will slow down.
#It is 72 degrees, the windows are open and I am loving the cool air, clear sky and the sun.

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