Thursday, June 28, 2012

Target Clearance and my recent finds

Shopping for discounts can be hit or miss, especially at Target and shopping off of the end caps. We all do it; we go down the outer aisles and search the end caps for clearance items. I know you do it!!! If you’re reading this and shop at Target, I can only bet you’re either smiling or nodding right now.

Any hoot, sometimes we find really good items for a steal and other times, it is just junk that will fill up your home. My husband H-A-T-E-S Target, hates everything about Target but never complains when I score a good deal for our home. Even though I was told to stop buying things for the house (blah, blah), he doesn’t care too much, as long as I didn’t spend a lot. Which is why I am talking about the magic of Target clearance.

Everyone knows that section of Target in the Home D├ęcor section; it changes every season/month with brand new items for your home. I hate that section because it is always so over-priced but I just wait and check the section often for anything being clearance out. Tell me if you shop at Target do you do this too?

Do you check the store often to see if the items you want are clearance out yet?

Are there certain items you would just pay the full price because you really want it?

When you look at an item, does a number come into your mind with the highest amount you would consider paying for it?

Do you buy things just because it is on clearance or do you hunt for the right item and lowest price?

I am a hunter (ha ha), I wait for the right item that I want and it has to have a low price tag to match. I don’t NEED these items for my home, I don’t NEED to own them and would like to have them BUT I will not take money away from things that actually matter. Having a budget, a bottom-line and self-control can come in handy when you shop clearance.

Here are my recent clearance finds from Target.

Bought these over a month ago. The original price was $19.99 per pillow; I paid $5.98 per pillow.

*Sorry the picture is bad. The B&W flow pictures in white frames were originally $19.99 per frame; I paid $5.98 per frame.

*Sorry about my weights in the picture. Basket was originally $19.99, I scored this for $5.98. I plan to roll up blankets and putting them inside.
I really wanted this coaster set but I was not going to pay $9.99 for them. I scored them for $2.98!!!

I didn't get these on clearance but I wanted to share them. I found them in the media section with all the books. They're magnetic book marks AND they have cupcakes on them!! I jump between my Kindle and actual books, so this will come in very handy! I believe the set of four cost $3.99. Not cheap but I couldn't pass it up!

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