Saturday, June 16, 2012


My current warmer 'Margot' isn't it so pretty?? I love the antiqued look and the faux pearls!

After our move, I started to get into using my Scentsy warmer more and wanted to have a better collection of scents to fill up my home. I love everything from candles, room spray’s, wall plug in’s and anything that can make my home smell good. I love walking in the door and going “Wow, it smells really good in here.” No one wants their home to smell bad and we all can think of a time we walked into someone’s home and thought “What the hell is that smell? Did something die or did you just shit your pants?” When your home smells good, you want it to look good too and that is motivation to keep everything in order and clean.

I just put in another cube of 'White Sand'

For a Scentsy warmer you can pay anywhere from $25-$35 per warmer or less depending if there is a sale or someone is selling their warmer. I view it as a piece of decoration for my house, so spending a little bit of money on something I am going to use all the time is worth it to me. For a bar of 8 cubes it will cost you $5 per bar. Typically, I replace a cube every two days but I like a really strong scent in my house and I have the AC on all.the.time (it is 100 degrees every stinkin’ day). When I don’t run the AC, I can have a cube last 3-5 days before I put a new one in.

What it looks like when you take the ceramic lid off,  the light bulb melts the wax jus enough to melt but not hot enough to burn you. 

Travis hates anything that has a smell to it, it is very rare if he likes something and he refuses to go into Bath & Body Works with me because “it smells bad”, or so he says. One day I bought the Scentsy bar in ‘Thunderstorm’ and my husband has since then been hooked. I now have a separate warmer in his ‘man cave’ and I only put Thunderstorm in it. 

Husband approved!!

My collection of bars. I have two of 'White Sands' and two of 'Thunderstorm'

My favorite scent (at the moment) is ‘White Sand’ but I recently purchased ‘French Kiss’ and that is close being my favorite too. Every time I buy a new bar to try, I end up loving it and want to stock up on it. 

Last year, they offered scents in a larger size called a brick (I have two bricks left in ‘Beach’ and ‘Peach a la Mode’ they retailed at $20, but they no longer make brick sizes).

Scentsy Brick and Bar (bar is the smaller version)

If you got to Walmart, you can find Walmart’s version of Scentsy (it is similar to Scentsy’s bar). Don’t be fooled, you may only be spending $2.50 per bar but you only get six cubes and each cube lasts only a day. Plus, trying to wipe it out of your Scentsy can be a PAIN! They have a ‘few’ scents that smell good (Spiced Pumpkin pie) but if you have to replace it everyday, it will cost you more than the $5.00 for the Scentsy bar that can last you a month.

I would like to get another warmer for our bedroom but I cannot decide on which warmer to get (most likely I won't decide and I won't end up with a new warmer, ha ha):


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