Friday, June 15, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation

What: Revlon Colorstay Whipped Crème Foundation
Price: Over $10, I bought this weeks ago and don’t remember how much I paid.
Size: 0.8 Fl. Oz. Compared to the 1oz in most foundations
My shade: 150 Buff
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Revlon launched a new foundation this summer, specifically designed for the summer months. Anyone who wears foundation knows that in the summer, your foundation can melt off because of heat and humidity. Revlon launched this formula designed with the original Revlon Colorstay product in mind but with the added promise of providing a ‘flawless finish…withstands heat and humidity…perfect for summer.’ Click here to read all the product information on Revlon’s website.

Obviously, I saw this product and jumped at the chance to purchase it because as we all know, I love testing out foundations. After reading the product description, I was intrigued by the promise of lasting through heat and humidity. Instantly, I thought of 'Estee Lauder Double Wear Light' and how that product is designed to do the same, just with a higher price tag of $35.
*** I rarely re-purchase foundation because I am always trying something new. I have eight foundations that I use regularly and I am not loyal to any product or brand.

What it looks like in the jar and as you can see I have been wearing it a few times. Yes, I am that pale, ha ha.

How does it apply?
It is a thicker formula to start with and you do need more than you would think, but it doesn’t go on thick. It is a ‘whipped formula’, which means there is air within the product and as you apply it, it will thin out. It blends easily into your skin, doesn’t go on heavy and dries a little slower than the original formula. The slower drying time will allow you to blend the product in better.

How does it wear?
It does not last 24 hours but it does last in the heat and I would say the wear time is 8-10 hours. Living in Vegas, I went out today in the 100 degree heat and it stayed on the entire time I was out. I do have a little shine in my T-zone but a quick blot with a blotting sheet will take care of that.

What is the finish?
This is a matte finish foundation with medium coverage and you can build this to more coverage or apply it with a Beauty Blender sponge to sheer it out. Keep in mind it does dry just a hair darker than it looks, most matte formulas will dry darker but keep that in mind when you are picking your color out.

What tools do you apply it with?
I have tried this with a Sigma F84 brush, my Beauty Blender and my fingers, but I prefer the look with my BB. My skin is extremely dry and the BB allows me to apply the product to my face without emphasizing my dry spots.

Both swatches are in 150 Buff, left swatch is Revlon Colorstay Whipped and the right is Revlon Colorstay (original).

My final thoughts
I really like this product, it holds up to most of its claims (nothing will wear for 24 hours, sorry) and it is perfect for the summer months. If you are on a budget and want something you can wear in the summer, I think this would be a perfect option for you and you don’t need powder to set it.

Keep in mind; you get less foundation in this jar (0.8 fl.oz.) than the original Revlon Colorstay foundation (1.0 fl. oz.)

Just the little bits…
# I need to blog my recent Birchbox but I keep forgetting about it
# I purchase another new foundation to try and review today
# Someone told me today that Mae West was a man.
# At Target, I was shopping for a new agenda and I was shocked that they now make agenda’s from July 2012-July 2013.
# I am trying to go through my tote of perfume samples and for the past two days, I have been wearing ‘Coach Poppy’.

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