Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Randomness! Housewives, My Drunk Kitchen and so much more.

#I have nothing to say except a bunch of randomness that only my sisters and myself can appreciate. My sister Elizabeth shares a deep love for a lot of the same shows I love (although I have not joined into the ‘True Blood’ fan club but that is another rant), we were on the telefono today and we were discussing our shows. She made her case about True Blood (for the five hundredth time) and then we discussed shows worth mentioning, all the Real Housewives shows on Bravo. Here are the highlights:

Teresa RHONJ Season 1 finale flipping a table over a book. Not kidding at all, ha ha.

~ RHONJ: We are over the Brother/Sister fighting and wish Danielle were still on the show because her added mix kept tables flipping (yes, I was referring to the table flipping in Season 1, haha).
~RHONY: I won’t even watch it because Jill was fired from the show. Jill is like the Danielle of RHONY. I can only take Ramona in small doses and from what I saw on the preview, I might come back and watch it. My sister loves Ramona and Sonya; I just don’t get it.
~RHOOC: Love the show, love everyone, miss some of the past girls and I sick of Alexis talking about her money, jewelry and cars. She compares herself to everyone else and mentions Tamara’s bag, Heather’s bag, Heather’s house, who cares? They don’t talk about it, YOU DO! Ugh, END RANT!

If you haven’t watched these shows (there are more housewives on different cities but these are the most recent seasons) you should go and watch some good, All American Girl DRAMA.

#Speaking of materialistic bitches ( :cough:talkingaboutmyself:cough: ) I scored a $180 Michael Kors watch for $38 shipped. Holla! Purchased from Last Call, my new favorite site, err, one of my favorite sites, ha ha.

#I heart ‘My Drunk Kitchen’(aka MyHarto) on Youtube and you should heart it too or just watch her video's. When I watch her videos, I feel like I am not as much of a wineaholic as I think I am and I must step up my game! She has an online store (here) and as I was checking it out, I saw this shirt and I would wear it with pride.

And this one

And then this last one…

#CupCase started following me on Twitter today and at first I was like o.O and then jumped onto there website. IT IS A SUITCASE FOR YOUR BRA!!! I kid you not!! This is one the best purchases you could ever make, especially if you travel or will be traveling (and have boobs or if I am being PC, bubbies, if you don't watch RHONJ you won't get that reference). I am telling my sister about this because she has been a flight attendant for years and would probably fall in love. Go here and check this out for yourself.
I just realized how perfect this would be to just store your bra's! You wouldn't have to worry about them getting tangled or mis-placed. This is the best invention for your girls since the bra was invented!!

# MOVIES! Anchorman 2? Yes please. Who else is excited? Watch the Anchorman 2 Trailer/Preview

# Apparently ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ is being made into a movie (or has I saw the trailer on Hulu) and now I have to push that book to the top of my reading list. I only have like, a million and one books I want to read, all at the same time. Go watch the movie trailer - it comes out June 22nd!

# < Don’t know why I am using the # key before each point. I think #, looks better than * and @ is for e-mail addresses and ~ is just a inch worm crawling  (you will never un-see that now, you will always see an inch worm, ha ha).

# The whole reason I made this blog was because of this picture I saw on another blog. I laughed and laughed and then realized I was laughing with my dogs. Evidentially they don’t laugh but they do look at me like I need to shut up – all the time.

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