Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Journey to the HG foundation is an ongoing process

I posted this on Instagram last night of my foundation collection or my foundation obsession!! I don’t know why but I am addicted to trying out new foundations in hopes to find my HG. If you don’t know what HG means, it means ‘Holy Grail’ and a lot of people use that terminology to describe a foundation that is everything they wanted from a foundation.

Have I found that? Heck no! My skin has been all over the place from moving to the driest place on earth – Las Vegas. It has been so hard to find a perfect foundation because my skin had been so dry; I needed to use a more moisturizing foundation. Then as I would go out in the heat of Vegas, the foundation would melt off and I would be at a loss of what to do. Why does this have to be so difficult??

I have products I need to return and some products I purchased recently that I have had, just received and just ordered. Complicated? I think so.

What do I want?
I just want a foundation that will stay on my face in the heat; it won’t melt off or move but won’t dry my skin and settle into fine line (yes, I have forehead lines, ugh!!).

What I have had for a few weeks? The Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in Intensity 1.0.

I purchased this because the product is describe to wear well in humidity, resists smudging, controls oil and won a bunch of awards from Bridal magazines. My only issue is the coverage is so stinkin’ light!! Listen, I have acne scars that need to be covered and I hate spotting concealer all over my face. Maybe I just need to try the regular formula of the ‘Double Wear’ and sheer it out with my Beauty Blender? I might make a trip to Macy’s in the near future and get a sample.

As for the light version, it wore great when I went to Target the other day but I need to play with it more before I am sold on it or not.

What did I just receive? The Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation in SPF 15 in Sand.

I purchased this mainly because everyone raved about it and the fact it said it was waterproof. I think my shade is too dark (my bad lol) but the coverage is medium, glowy and cover all my imperfections. However, I have noticed yesterday it was breaking down (Note: I was not wearing a primer) and today I am wearing it again (no primer) and I am an oily mess over here! I have DRY skin and I have had to blot THREE times in 4 hours! I am already an oily mess again and it is NOT pretty. Now, it could be my Origins Vitazing I applied under this powder but it never made me oily before.

I will probably send this back and exchange it for the lighter shade if it wears better when I apply it with a primer.

What did I just order?  Mary Kay Medium Coverage foundation

I have no idea why I purchased this except for a blogger I follow swear by it and I decided to order it off of Ebay for half the retail price. The crappy part is I can’t return it now, oh well, live and learn. It should be here in a few days and if it doesn’t work out, it goes into the pile of products I will be selling on my blog.

Maybe I need to re-purchase the Urban Decay setting spray in De-Slick?

Just the little bits…
* My husband is working at nights for hopefully the last week and I refuse to work out when he is sleeping during the day. I just don’t want to make any noise that might wake him; poor guy needs his sleep.
* It is windy out today and shockingly, only 85 degrees!!!
* Sephora has a 10% off purchase coupon code for today only. Hmmm? I don’t have anything I want right now, except for the ‘De-Slick’ but I think I have a bottle somewhere.
* I am now on my patio trying to catch some sun but I doubt it will work. Just 20 minutes of Vitamin D should be the trick. Normally, it is too hot for me to go outside, let alone sit in the sun.
* 24 minutes later, I am burned and realized 20 minutes in sunlight is my max exposure time. 

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  1. Woah, you have tried a lot! I was on the lookout for my HG too but I think I settled for now on either MAC's Pro Longwear or Chanel Vitalumiere.
    Although I also like NARS Sheer Glow because it doesn't have SPF and it's important for me that it photographs well.
    I like Pro Longwear because it sets and lasts like crazy and doesn't transfer on papers and books and lasts all day. x