Saturday, June 2, 2012

GLOSSYBOX May 2012!!! Let's jump around in excitement!

Let me just take a moment and scream...


I am uncontrollably excited that I received my first Glossybox today!! I have been tracking that baby since I received an e-mail it has been shipped. I realized it was past 4pm, checked the tracking and it said… DELIVERED. I rushed out of my front door, to my mailbox and there was this beauty waiting for me.

What is GlossyBox?
Glossybox is like a lot of the monthly beauty sample boxes but they offer travel-sized beauty products; travel size is a lot larger than a sample size. You will get at least 5 products a month and can cancel at anytime. The travel size products they offer are focused more on the luxury products.

Glossybox is available to over 15 countries and this is the first month it has been available for the USA.
Click here to visit GlossyBox

What is the monthly fee?
It costs $21 a month for Glossybox, but as I can already tell with my first box, it is well worth the $21!!! How I like to think about it is, how many times a month are you getting Starbucks or eating out or buying products to try and you hate it? Probably a lot if you add it up but instead of buying a bunch of larger products, I get smaller sizes of new products to try and not feel guilty for spending all that money on a full size product.

Are there any other perks?
Yes, after you receive your box, you can go online and provide them with feedback on each product. Every product that you provide feedback on, you will receive 20 GLOSSYdots per product which counts towards a free GLOSSYBOX!

Now, let’s get on to the contents!

The box comes in this pale pink, hard box and when you open the box all the products are wrapped within the tissue paper. There is a product card on top, with information on this month’s box and the other side contains the contents. As you read the products in your box, in parenthesis, the product tells you where it is made (I will include it in this blog).

Amore Pacific – Moisture Bound Refreshing Hydra-Gel (South Korea)
            * I almost bought this back in March during the Sephora VIB sale.
            * This made my skin look so good but the price is outrageous
            * Full size $100 / 1.7oz (my sample is 0.27)

Burberry Beauty – Lip Mist Natural Sheer Lipstick (UK)
            * Color is Copper No.2002
            * Full size $30.00/ 0.12oz (sample size .028)

Marvis – Marvis Whitening (Italy)
            * Full size $7.50/ 1.23oz
            * GLOSSYBOX gave me a full size

PHYTO – Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask for Dry Hair (France)
            *Full size $38.00/ 6.7oz (sample size 1.7)

Zoya – Summer 2012 Beach and Surf Collection (USA)
            * Received color named Wednesday
            * Full size $8.00/0.5oz
            * GLOSSYBOX gave me a full size

GlossyBox – Cosmetic Brush
            * Not included as part of your box, it is just an extra they tossed in. 

My Final Thoughts
I love it, I love it and I love it! I can’t say much for the majority of the products, except the ‘Amore Pacific’ moisturizer. I feel like getting yet another large sample of this moisturizer is a sign that I should have bought this when I had the chance. I purchased the Kate Spade Nourish instead; can you tell I have buyer’s remorse?

Just the little bits…
~ I have two candles burning, same scent; I just want to be saturated in it.
~ My living room floor looks like an autopsy, stuffing,, pieces of the toy beaver everywhere and I now know my dogs are natural born killers, ha ha.
~ I have been putting hot sauce of everything lately
~ It is 103 right now and I refuse to go out when it is this hot. Which means I am never leaving my house this summer
~ I am off to use some of my Glossybox products!

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