Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Birchbox June 2012

Birchbox, Birchbox, Birchbox, what kind of joke do you think it is to send out such a craptastic box? As we all know, I love Birchbox but as I stated in the past, they do tend to have some craptastic months and here is a prime example.

At this point, we all know the details about Birchbox ($10/month, you earn points, every 100 points = $10 to spend on products, etc..) so I won’t go into detail. Every month you get 4-5 samples and an extra. A lot of people think the ‘extra’s are supposed to be beauty related but they actually are not. The extra’s can be anything BB wants to give us but honestly, I would be happy with nothing at this point. Click  HERE  to go to Birchbox

I have found that I get the extra’s, I don’t use/like them and because they are ‘extra’s I hold on to them as a hoarder would. For example, this month, they gave us a Mod Cloth headband/retro accessory/wire and fabric and I have no idea what to do with it. I won’t wear it because it doesn’t fit my style and I won’t toss it because I think I could find someone to make use of it. Funny thing is, I am wearing it now due to my hair tie getting wet from doing the dishes and I didn’t feel like going up stairs to get another. Maybe I found a use for it?

Molly was not too thrilled but was a good sport about it. At least we can pinpoint that she is a girl with this, I actually think it is rather cute and I might put this on her next time we go out.

 June’s Birchbox 
Juliette Has A Gun – Not a perfume
Melvita – Rose Floral Water
Stila – Stay All Day 10-in-1 hd beauty balm
theBalm Cosmetics – Stainiac in Beauty Queen
EXTRA – Mod Cloth – Headband

My thoughts
*Juliette Has A Gun was okay but I feel someone who likes a more simple scent would enjoy this.
*Melvita  was enjoyable, I love the scent of roses but the pump makes the product come out too fast & hard. Hopefully the full-size product has a better pump with a lighter mist.
*Stila BB cream – TERRIBLE. It smells like nail polish remove and came out orange from the package. Maybe I just got a bad sample?
*theBalm – I haven’t tried it yet but who doesn’t like stains?
* Mod Cloth – You know how I feel about this, if you read my above post : )

Just the little bits…
# I HATE GERMAN COCKROACHES. Apparently, they’re common in Vegas and at night, they are all over the area I walk my dogs in. I now go outside with a flashlight to scare them off. I want to thank all the powers that be for keeping them out of my home!!
# I scored more major good clearance deals at Target; I might post a blog about my deals tomorrow.
# Thanks to my sister Elizabeth, I am now hooked on ‘True Blood’ and she was shocked to hear I like Eric better than Bill. I just love the bad boys!!
# I need to buy groceries but waited for the new sale ad to come out. Does anyone else shop the sales?

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