Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My love/hate relationship with Birchbox

I love Birchbox but I HATE Birchbox at the same time.

Every time I open my mailbox around that time of the month when Birchbox’s are being delivered, I am excited to see what new products I am going to get to experience. I open the box, I pull out the product card and I want to clap my hands in excitement because, yet again, Birchbox has sent me wonderful goodies! Now, don’t get me wrong, there are times Birchbox has let me down (Laundry soap? Really??) but even though there are bad months, the good months make up for the bad.

The ‘I hate Bichbox’ part comes from the fact they keep introducing me to products that I cannot indulge in.  I have indulged in a few products Birchbox has sent me and they have become staples in my daily routine, product’s include; Ahava Mineral Hand Cream, Jouer Lip Enhancer & lip gloss (separate products), YBF beauty automatic eyebrow pencil, Redken Shine Flash 02 Glistening Mist, Zoya Nail polish, Beauty Blender (used over 5 years ago but was re-introduced by BB) and the Twistband hair ties.  All of these products I have become a die hard fan over because of Birchbox and they are products that I will be re-purchasing/have already purchased or will be purchasing with my sample is over with.
A picture of a few of my Birchbox favorites. Sorry my Beauty Blender is dirty, I just did my make-up.

Then comes the bad part of Birchbox, it is when you try a product, fall in love with it and then the price for the full size says ‘ARM & LEG’. That is when you sit there and debate to yourself on the urgency of buying the product, how important it would be in your collection and how much of a difference it has made in your life. Forgetting all that logic and trying to find a way of explaining the cost to your spouse, the bottom line is you love it and even though it will be the reason you’re eating Ramen Noodles for the next month, you must get it, immediately. I know, I know, I am over dramatizing the need for products but this realization came during this May’s BirchBox, when I tried the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo (which retails for around $55). Who am I? Rockefeller? I can't pay $55 for a Shampoo!!! Okay, yes, I would pay $55 for a shampoo but my husband would LOSE HIS MIND! 
My May Birchbox

The shampoo smells luxurious, it lathers lightly, you can feel it cleansing your scalp, your hair and you can’t help to think, “I want to use this everyday.” After using a higher end product shampoo and witnessing the immediate change it makes in your hair (my hair looked like I had went to the salon), you simply cannot go back to using your drug store shampoo.  That is the price you pay when you try something new and luxurious, you might just get hooked on the higher end product.

After all, this is what Birchbox is all about, introducing you to new products and creating that desire, no, need, to own that product. Do I hate Birchbox? No, not at all, I quite love Birchbox and have zero intention of leaving them because of all the products that have become staples in my life due to Birchbox. Sure, I recently subscribed to three more monthly beauty sample programs (I just like to punish and tease myself with the need for products, ha ha) but Birchbox has a loyal fan in me (even though my wallet doesn’t agree).

Randomness of the day:
~ I was playing with my old Chanel eyeshadows and it made me wish they still have a few products from 2004/2005.
~ I have been on a tea kick lately
~ Molly is shedding (I hate dog hair) so I have been brushing her twice a day but still, I am covered in dog hair.
~ Just now, Bailey got up, walked over to me and we had a staring contest, I won.
~ I wonder if I can handle the heat this summer? 
~ One hand is painted with the yellow polish from The Look Bag, I received yesterday and my other hand is painted with the blue polish. I really need to correct that, asap.
~ Recently, I jumped onboard of the obsessed with Kindle train and I find myself reading more than ever before.
~ I need to stop blogging and go organize paperwork before I start dinner.

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