Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Glam Bag May 2012

After receiving what I deem the worst subscription based beauty sample bags, I canceled my monthly membership. This was my first bag from My Glam Bag, I had seen bags of previous months from numerous subscribers and there had always been at least one item, I would love to test out. However, this bag was down right insulting and I feel a waste of my $10.

1). The blue cosmetic bag with pink lips on it. Are we 12?
2). Iss Beauty Nail Bling – Again, are we 12?
3). Philosophy – Love Sweet Love fragrance, I actually liked this sample and love all Philosophy   scents.
4).  Two make-up brushes, I am not sure what they are for, as I never received a product card with my bag. They are cheaply made and from I found from other subscribers, they say the brushes shed all over your face.  Looking at the brushes now, I think one is a concealer brush and the other a eye liner brush.
5). Studio Gear lipstick in Cuddle Up.

Let me take a moment to discuss the hype the put around this lipstick on My Glams Facebook bag. They made this seem like we should all be excited for a full size product, which we should, a full size product is something to be excited about. However, I won’t get excited over products I can only assume the company could not sell and decided to give to My Glam.

There were two colors sent out, a red and a brown lip color. The brown color I received was called Cuddle Up and the best way I could describe it is a 1980’s brown color that you probably wouldn’t ever want to wear, if you were in the 1980’s. I will swatch it below:

The picture makes it look lighter but it is much darker in person.

Reading all the comments on this bag, especially the lip color, I found myself laughing when a commenter said the following

“I would love to see all the make-up guru’s who put together this bag, use this lip color in a tutorial. There is no way you can make this color look good.”

As I said, I cancelled my subscription and subscribed to a different company I wanted to try for monthly beauty samples.  If anyone wants this lipstick, let me know and I will gladly send it your way.

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