Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Review

What the box says

- 24h Wear & Comfort
- Retouch-free makeup
- Divine Perfection
- SPF 15 Sunscreen
- All skin types

“24h wear for a divine, lasting foundation. Following 8 years of research, Lancome unveils its first 24h wear foundation for lasting perfection, With its new EternalSoft technology, Tient Idole Ultra 24h defeats all challenges. Complexion stays perfectly flawless and unified. Never cakey.”

“Result. The full coverage you need- flaws, pores, redness and all imperfections visibly disappear. The velvety finish you love for 24 hour lasting perfection and comfort.”

My thoughts
I am not a person who believes everything a company/marketing team promotes a product to be. Reading the box, product description’s online and watching the product discussion on QVC, you would think they re-created the wheel with this foundation. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Lancome Teint Miracle foundation but I feel this foundation is not everything they describe it as. This foundation replaces the Teint Idole Ulta (which I personally love). 

My skin type
Normal to dry, sensitive and acne prone.

My shade
110 Ivoire (C)

You can easily find your shade within this foundation; they have shades for cool, neutral and warm undertones to make finding the perfect shade easy. There are over 20 shades to choose from.

It is a full coverage foundation; it easily covers all of my acne scars with no concealer and any discoloration I have on my face. It leaves a matte/satin finish to the skin.

How it blends in
It blends in very easily into the skin; I found that the best way to apply was with the Elf foundation brush ($1), which was purchased at Target. This foundation you do not have to blend into the skin because it is very light (I needed 1-1/2 pumps) and it morphs into your skin, effortlessly blending into your face. I use downward strokes with my foundation brush and it applies it flawlessly. I did use my Sigma F84brush and Beauty Blender but found the ELF brush gave the best finish.
Note: If you do purchase this foundation, I suggest you use the Mac Fix + on top to cover up the powdery look. 

On my hand. Perfect color for my skin. 

Blended into my hand

How it feels on my face
Honestly, I feel like I have a mask on my face when I wear this foundation. Normally, I don’t have this problem with my foundation but with the 24h technology behind this product, it needs to last longer than a typical foundation. It is designed to be the ultimate in foundation but in doing so, it adheres to your face in a very heavy, mask feeling way that doesn’t make me want to wear it all day. I am wearing it right now and all I want to do is run upstairs, wash it off and put something else on my face.

How it settles on my face
I can see my pores on my nose and the sides of my nose. It has settled into the creases under my eyes, it has emphasized the dry areas on my face and it has a very powdery finish to it. After wearing it numerous times, with different primers, you can definitely see it makes a mask on your skin, it grabs hold of your skin and if you smile, you can see the movement in your face. What I mean by that is, as you smile, your skin stretches and the foundation doesn’t go into the areas that are being stretched.

Picture this if you will, you have a deflated balloon, you put paint on it before hand, then you blow it up slightly and you can see cracks of the balloon under the paint. That is typically how I feel about this foundation. Yes, this is a dramatic description of it but that is how it makes me feel.  I have never noticed a foundation doing that on my skin before and I had high hopes for this foundation.

No, it is not a 24h foundation, maybe 8 hours or so but for anyone that has an active lifestyle I don’t think this would work. Maybe if you worked in an air-conditioned office all day long, this could work for you but this is not a long wearing foundation.

This is NOT WATERPROOF, which means if you get your face wet in anyway with humidity or whatever happens during the day, if you touch your face at all, it will wipe away. To say something is a 24h wear but is not waterproof, doesn’t sound balanced to me. Yes, it is transfer resistant but not when you have any type of moisture on your face. I did spritz my face with water and then gentle touched my face with a finger and now I have a spot on bare skin on my nose.

In the couple of times I have used this product, I have not noticed any breakouts of increased in acne from using it.

$44, a bit much for something that doesn’t do what it says it will.

Who I think this would work for
Although the box says this is for all skin types, if you have dry skin or live in any area that is humid or rains, then I would not buy this product. If you have normal/oily skin and will be sitting at a desk all day, then go for it.

How it compares to the original Teint Idole Ultra
The original formula was much more creamy, looked like natural skin and didn’t leave the mask feeling on your face. I feel in comparison they are two extremely different foundations and I wish they never discontinued it.
Left: Teint Idole Ultra in Ivoire 2 (C) Right: Teint Idole Ultra 24h in 110 Ivoire (C)

It gives a full coverage and blends into your face effortlessly.

The mask feel on my face and how strongly it emphasized the creases under my eyes. It looks like I aged 30 years!

Final thoughts
Overall, I am returning this foundation because it does not live up the hype and I would rather spend my $44 elsewhere.

Products used on my face, include the foundation, Smashbox hydrating primer, ELF foundation brush and Nars Illuminator

Links to products mentioned

Nars Illuminator in Copacabana

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