Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Update on Kate Somerville, Home Goods and Birchbox

It has been a few days since I last blogged but I have been feeling ill and just taking some time to get better.  Last Monday, I started using the Kate Somerville Blemish Banisher kit and I will be returning it this week. I felt it worked for spot treatments but it doesn’t do anymore than that. The cleanser is my favorite product out of the kit, it feels very gentle on my skin, doesn’t over dry and it feels like it takes the day off of my face. I also enjoyed the Eradikate Acne Treament, I could see a difference in the tone, texture of my skin (starting to clear and become more even) and I feel this is worth purchasing.

The rest of the products were not as impressive and being only 50% happy, I am returning the kit to Sephora and purchasing the products I do enjoy. I plan on purchasing the Anti Bac Clearing Lotion, in hopes it will help clear and balance my skin. I have had issues for some time now and should seek a Dermatologist; I just hate going to the doctors, ha ha.

I went to Home Goods yesterday in search of more eating utensils but instead ended up with soft white towels. They are the bath size towels, super soft and were only $6.99 each. We needed a couple more towels for our bathroom and this is the perfect addition. I love Home Goods!!!!!

Birchbox & USPS fail. I updated my address at the beginning of this month with Birchbox (like March 4th) and I gave notice to the USPS that our whole family was moving and our change of address took place on March 3rd. Well, March 6th I get an e-mail from Birchbox saying my box has been sent. After a few days, I was curious, checked the tracking for the BB online and it was delivered in WA. Somehow and for some reason the USPS delivered my box when I have a change of address in their system. I received all the appropriate paperwork indicating the change of address was completed but I am curious as to why my box was delivered to the wrong address? Why wasn't it forwarded to me? Regardless, I contacted BB and they were so sweet about it!! They told me that changes have to be made before the beginning of the month (didn’t see that anywhere) and they were sending me a new box for free! I am a little disappointed because I was getting the Teen Vogue box and LOVED everything inside, so it is a bit disappointing to miss out on that. 

I hope to get my Birchbox soon and once I do I will post pictures.

Also, I read online that Instagram will be coming to the Android phones soon, let's hope!

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