Friday, February 10, 2012

New Home

We’re moving to Las Vegas, NV around the end of the month or early March. Travis separated from the Navy back in January and immediately started to work for a new company. He has been gone for three weeks now training at various locations and by the end of the month he should be finishing everything up.

Movers are scheduled to be here in about two weeks and I will have more than enough time to clean up this unit before our move out date. Thankfully, our apartment complex will allow us to stay a couple of days at a prorated rate if we need to. Hopefully we will have a drop-dead date for everything by next week and I can inform all parties on the dates.

On to the reason for this blog, I wanted to post a layout of our new apartment/townhouse. It is three stories, three bathrooms, two bedrooms, and a den! We’re going from 800 sq. feet to 1350-1500 sq. feet. We have never had space in any place we have lived as a married couple and this is going to be exciting to have more space. More importantly, we will have a garage and a place for our storage, Travis’ punching bag stand and I will have my much-needed closet space! Plus, Costco is in the area and we’re so getting a membership again, since we will have the space to buy in bulk!!

Honestly, my biggest concern is where I am going to put Travis’ desk. We will have the second bedroom but we will probably have a bunch of guest’s come to visit. I do know that the dogs are going to be caged in the den because that is the closet way to get outside and well, I don’t want any accidents. Anyways, here is the lay out!

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