Friday, February 10, 2012

Brush Lab

Last week, I ordered the Brush Lab 2 1/2in Ceramic Curls Thermal Round Brush with Nylon Bristles from Ulta ($15.99) after watching two Youtube Guru’s feature this brush on their channels. Last week I watched LaFemme5278's January Favorite's video and little did I know what I was about to be introduced to. If you watch the beginning of her video, everything that she states about how her lack of success with round brushes in the past, how she had styled her hair before she purchased this brush, all of it pretty much sounded like everything I have said and done for years. It almost seemed like we had the same hair (except for the chemical burn) but I was amazed she was having this much success and (being the skeptic that I am) I needed to see it in action.

LaFemme/Lindsey mentioned how she saw Michele1218 style her hair with the brush and that is why she purchased it . Of course, I followed the link, watched the video and my jaw just dropped! Here is Michele1218's video link First off, this Michele1218 girl has gorgeous, thick, long brown hair and she doesn’t use any styling products!!  Me being the natural wavy haired girl, I was immediately jealous and went to to purchase the brush. Yes, the brush costs $15.99 but at the bottom of the screen they almost always have a coupon for $3.50 off $10 purchase, you can either print the coupon (to use at an Ulta near you) or use the coupon to place your order online.

Even Bailey loves his Brush Lab brush so much that he sleeps with it!!

My thoughts

You can watch their videos, watch how Michele style’s her hair and determine if you feel the purchase is worth the end results. I personally used it for the first time last night and can say that using this brush (correctly) will make the use of my straightening iron, an option and no longer a necessity. I noticed that my drying time was cut in half due to the ventilation of the brush. Not only that, but the smoothness that the brush created, while drying, while giving my hair body and I ended up using less heat on hair, making the brush worth it. If you take into consideration all the products you try, hate and never use again, the investment into a good brush is worth it. Plus, my hair used to always get stuck in this little cracks (see picture below, I put hair ties over the spot my hair would get stuck and still did even with the hair ties) and I would just stop using the brush. Pain doesn't mean you're gaining when it comes to styling your hair.

Brush Lab - Left, Conair - Right

The steps I use to blow-dry my hair
1).  Towel dry hair; brush out with a wide tooth-comb
2). Spray John Frieda Blow Dry Lotion Root Booster on roots (although I want to try something new, BB surf spray)
3). Apply Phyto botanical hair relaxing balm through hair to the ends.
4). Spray Got2b Guardian Angel Blow-out Lotion all over hair to protect from the heat.
5). Section hair off and blow-dry with Brush Lab brush in sections until dried. Cool blast each section with the round brush before moving on to the next section.

I purchased the John Frieda and the Got2b product from Rite Aid and the Phyto product you can get HERE

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