Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What are you REALLY putting on your face??

Do you ever have those days when your face explodes with acne all over? You think to yourself “I was my face every night day and I do everything right, ugh, why me??” Well you need to start looking at the ingredients in what you’re using. Yes, I was using a great cleanser but my make-up and moisturizer were filled with parabens, mineral oil and a mess of other “filler” ingredients that just take away from your skin.

I had a major breakout recently around my chin and I even went to such lengths as going to get an emergency breakout treatment done to my face at my local mall. The treatment helped but I needed to re-think what was going on with my skin. Thankfully, I stopped at my local Origins counter and told them what was going on and they gave me deluxe samples of pretty much everything I would use on my face. Within two days, my skin did a 180 (wish I had pictures) and I am a firm believer in the use of natural products.

How do I know that my current routine was damaging my skin? Well, I don’t have a scientific explanation but I have a logical break down of what my current cosmetic foundation was doing to my skin.

I had been using the Sigma Beauty F84 Angled Top Kabuki brush to apply my foundation. I started to noticed that after just one application my brush would look funky; the brush hair’s were stuck together like grease had touched them, the brush was such a strong color from my foundation (even after I washed it, which means it soaked into my brush) and it would take two washes just to make the brush clean again. I got tired of having to do so much work to “clean” a brush that I moved onto sponges.  

When I started to use a Origin’s foundation, I decided to test the brush out again and see if it could hold up (in my head I thought the brush was just crap). After I put on my foundation, I noticed the brush didn’t turn into the color of my foundation, the brush didn’t clump together like they were dipped into grease, it felt clean, soft and fluffy. Plus, my face felt like I didn’t have any make-up on, yet I had the coverage and color I had desired.

I was in shock.

I could NOT BELIEVE that I had been putting products on my skin that were full of fillers! If those ingredients could do that to my brush, imagine what it was doing to my skin?? Every day I have gone without using those products, I have noticed a daily change in my complexion and will NEVER go back.

As per the box for Origins Make A Difference cream

Formulated WITHOUT
Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Mineral oil, PABA, Petrolatum, Paraffin, DEA, Synthetic color, synthetic fragrance, animal ingredients. My FAVORITE PART "Origins tests its products on volunteer panels" which means NOT ANIMALS.

Nothing is ever perfect and you have to research everything yourself but I prefer to use my new routine/ products over anything that has more JUNK in it then it should!

Current favorite products

Origins Make A Difference Cream

Origins Make A Difference toner

Origins Stay Tuned foundation


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