Monday, November 7, 2011

4 favorites and a preview of what is to come!

I was laying here and realized I haven’t blogged like I said I would. Oh well, life gets busy and we forget. I will make it quick tonight, seeing as I am tired and just want to relax with a book.

Products from left to right.

Essie nail lacquer in ‘Bobbling for Baubles’
This color is a very deep blue, from a distance can look to almost black but in the light it is a very rich, deep blue color and it just gives that extra step of color that a plain black color misses. Yes, Essie is a little more than what I would normally pay ($8) however, I had been eyeing it for weeks and well, I justified it because it is a limited edition color. Love it, can’t get enough of it and my husband even likes it on me.

Neutrogena 'Skin Clearing Blemish Concealer'
Many products say they can conceal blemishes, some say they can make the red go away and some just say a lot of words and do nothing. This product not only conceals my acne flair ups but it also works to help make it go away. Now, I can’t attest for it’s ability to lessen acne, but it does help conceal it without making it dry or flakey.

Murad 'Oil Contral Mattifier'
It does basically what it says; it controls oil and keeps your foundation in place from moving around. You can apply it day or night after you cleanse your face, however, I put it on before I put my primer on. Just to set my make-up a little bit more before I put my foundation on. I won’t buy it in a larger size but I will enjoy the sample size for as long as I have it.

Ahava 'Deadsea Water Mineral Hand Cream'
Hands down, the best hand cream of my life. I received this in a sample size from Birchbox months ago, instantly fell in love and purchased the larger size ($20). The product is rich, smells divine and moisturizes your hands better than any other brand you will ever try. If you put this on, then try another hand cream brand, you will instantly feel the difference between the two and how moisturized your hand is. Recently, I purchased the EOS hand cream and the second I used it I was disappointed. It didn’t hold a candle to this hand cream and I knew then I was an Ahava hand cream junkie for life.

Plus, this product is allergy tested, approved for sensitive skin, Paraben free and contains Witch Hazel, which calms the skin.

Well, this is my blog for tonight; I will have more tomorrow about a skin oil I recently purchased and how it broke me out in acne on my forehead and chin (I never get acne on my forehead).  Also, the link below to the Nars product I ordered from Sephora during there 'Friends & Family' discount event. I am waiting for it to arrive and once it does, I will definitely blog about it.

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