Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Products of the day, new products and daily tidbits

Every day I use the same basic products (Foundation, concealer and so on) but I mix it up with brands, type of products, colors and consistency. I am going to try for the month of November to make a blog about the “Products of the day” mainly, three products that I didn’t use yesterday or products I want to share that I am using today. Fun? Maybe but I figured I could write about what I like, what I don’t like and share anything new I recently purchased.

Every blog will talk about three products from yesterday that I wore, that I liked and anything extra I feel like throwing in.

Cosmetic wedges I know they’re old school but they’re cheap and work! I have severely dry skin (thank you Washington). This tool works to make my foundation last all day and thins out the thick foundation just enough to allow the benefits of the foundation work it’s way on my skin. I take one sponge, run it under water until it is soaked and ring it out. Once I do that, I put foundation on the back of my hand and then apply my foundation in a patting/blending manner. This also benefits my skin because I use a clean sponge each time, which means fewer bacteria on my face.

Urban Decay All Nighter spray is applied after you finish putting your make-up on. It just sets your make-up for the day by keeping it in place so it doesn’t move, clump together or run off your face. I don’t feel it makes everything stay perfect during the day but it helps to keep my face looking normal.

Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller is probably one of my favorite products ever. I use it before my foundation, sometimes after my foundation or randomly during the day if my eyes are looking tired. I saw a make-up artist on Youtube use it and was so blown away that I had to try it. The product itself is in a more serum form than a thick concealer and when you use it under your eyes, it brightens and conceals but doesn’t apply in a thick manner. You can definitely layer it under your eyes, on your lids, down your nose, under your nose, on your brow bone or around you nose. It is basically a highlighter and concealer all in one and you can use it in so many creative ways.

Also, I have sensitive skin/sensitive eyes and I have had no reaction to it.

Recently Purchased

Left to right:
Revlon nail polish in Gray Suede, Revlon Colorburst –Lip Butter in Peach Parfait, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles in Fair and Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tube mascara in Black.

All of these products are new to me except the mascara. I was already running low on the tube I currently use and this one was on sale at Rite Aid. The mascara is kind of expensive for my taste, however for $8.99, - $1.00 UP Reward = $7.99, when Normally it is $10.99 or more, so that is a good deal in my book. Revlon is having a sale too, when you buy $10 or more of Revlon nail polish or lip products you get a $4 UP Reward and there is a $2 off coupon in there weekly circular. Plus, everything I purchase that is not on sale; I get an extra 20% off because I am such a “good” Rite Aid shopper, lol.

Everything I purchased has been recommended to me, the only product (besides the mascara) I have tried was the nail polish and I really like it for a nude shade on my nails.

Daily Tidbits:
  •  I was tempted to get my holiday Eggnog latte from Starbucks this morning but I got my usual Toffee Nut latte.
  •  I have so many errands to run today and things I need to do. I must get started after I post this.
  •  Sephora sent me a catalog yesterday and I have an item marked on every page.
  • I started the “30 Days of Thanks” on FB this morning.
  • I like early morning Skype dates with my friends :) 

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