Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why I love Birchbox

Time for a post on why I love Birchbox and the freebies I scored. Birchbox is a company that sends you deluxe samples of products every month for just $10 a month. I enjoy it because I get to test out products that I normally wouldn’t consider. I do not get to pick out my samples; they pick them out for me based on my questionnaire I filled out at registration. Sometimes I get samples I am not too thrilled about but the ones that I fall in love with, make it all worth wild. My favorite aspect of the site is you earn money to buy products. Every dollar you spend, you earn a point. Every 100 points = $10. If you refer someone and they sign up, you get 50 points per person. Your points expire a year or so from when you earned it, not bad at all.

This past month (July) I received a sample of Philosophy’s Purity one- step facial cleanser and fell in love with it. It is a cleanser, toner and light moisturizer all into one. I have sensitive/dry skin and this only made it feel & look better. I had also been eyeing a skin oil from Pangea Orangics but didn’t want to shell out the $50 for it (yikes). Based on my research, a lot of people recommend using a serum or oil on your skin if you have dry skin. They say that it can help moisturizer your skin better and longer than just a crème can without adding (get this) more oil or greasy feeling to your skin. I have been skeptical of this but since I have tried everything, I figured it was worth a shot.

I still wasn’t ready to order from Birchbox because for the two products I just talked about, were going to cost over $80 (yikes). A few days later I received an e-mail from Birchbox offering a 20% off coupon code for the next week as my 3rd month anniversary to Birchbox and figured it was time to use my points and coupon code for a great deal. Between the Pangea Organics Balancing Oil 1oz. ($50) and Philosophy Purity cleanser 16oz ($32), I ended up getting free shipping, 20% off and use $40 worth of points to end up paying only $25.60 TOTAL. And that is why I love Birchbox. There is no way I would pay $50 for an oil or $32 for a cleanser, not-going-to-happen.

Now let’s hope that by the time I run out of the cleanser I will have enough points to pay for half or more of it. As for the oil, I have used it one day and woke up to glowing skin. I will review it at a later point after I have used it for a month or so.

August 2011 Birchbox
1). Caudalie - Eye Cream .5oz - $95
2). Fix Malibu – Wish Was Exfoliating Powder Wash 1.06 oz -$40
3). Number 4 – Reconstructing Masque 5.1oz - $58
4). Zoya – Nail Polish .5oz - $8
5). Twishband – Hair tie. 3 for $5

I absolutely LOVE the Twistbands! I want to order more. They give just enough hold to keep your hair up but they're not too tight to pull your hair and give a headache. Plus, the design of it makes it look like more of an accessory on your wrist then just a hair tie, when you’re not wearing it.

The Number 4 Reconstructing Masque smells divine. I haven’t tried it yet but I am constantly opening the bottle to sniff the product. It has this high-end smell to it (hard to describe) that just makes it smell luxurious. The product lists soy protein as one of the ingredients to strengthen your strands; I shall test this in a few days. Regardless if I like it or not, I will not purchase it, the cost for the full size is $58 and that is just way too much. I can go to Walgreens and purchase the Organix Deep Conditioning Treatment for $.99, if I want to treat my hair.

Before I forget, I didn’t like the Zoya nail polish because the color (Shay) seemed too nude for my taste but someone pointed out that it would be cute on my toes and not my fingernails. I will definitely have to try that out next time I paint my toenails.

Everything else in my box, I wasn’t too excited about but I will at least try and see how they work.

Enough on Birchbox and products for now!

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