Friday, July 8, 2011

Mascara & the black smudge curse

After my terrible experience with a recent mascara purchase, I felt it was time to write a blog.

You know you’re wearing terrible mascara if it is WATERPROOF and at the end of the day you have black mascara smudges, under your eye. This happened the other day and I was 150% embarrassed when I noticed the black marks under my eye. I decided to test the product by wearing it to work and by the end of the day, I had mascara smudges under my eyes. No, I do not touch my eyes, EVER and yes, I wear primer. Once again, I wasted my money on a joke of a product and I have learned to just stick with what works. The terrible product I am referring to is Revlon – Grow Luscious by Fabulash.

I have sensitive eyes and try to avoid scrubbing my eyes & tugging at the skin to keep myself 1). Wrinkle free 2). From drying out my eye area (I will get into another blog post about the skin around your eye). I’m sure most women have experienced this: you go to take off your make-up, you read & follow the eye make-up remover steps and still you have raccoon eyes. You apply the product again, some make-up comes off and you * think * all of it is gone. The next morning, you wake up, go look in the mirror and you look like you never took your eye make-up off.

Now, I have tried dozens and dozens of mascara’s from high end to drugstore and they have all been a waste of money. The all basically give the same look, just slightly different (but not different enough to pay $50 for a tube of mascara). I’ve tried some of the following mascara’s:

Revlon – Grow Luscious by Fabulash *
Loreal – Voluminous Million Lashes *
Tarte – Lights, camera, flash ***
Benefit – BADgal lash ****
Makeupforever – Aqua smokeylash **
Korres – Deep Color Mascara ****
Covergirl – Lashblast Volume****
Loreal – Double extend ****

* Smells horrible, smudges & you couldn’t pay me to wear this again
** Dries out fast
*** Smudges but not a lot
**** Worth trying
I have tried more mascara then I have listed but they’re just the most recent purchases/samples.

Loreal Double Extend is by far my favorite, most long lasting mascara and it is not even waterproof! I love that the product does not dry out my lashes, it stays on all day long, it gives great shape, definition & volume AND the best part is when I take it off at night (lol, I know). Unlike most mascara’s, this one creates tubes on your lashes to create length, so when you remove it, it comes off like rubber. Do you know what this means? NO RACCOON EYES. I love it!! I just wash my face with warm water, it softens the product and it comes off like plastic tubes into my hand and it is gone. No rubbing the eyes. No tugging at the skin and no more raccoon eyes!

I love other products listed above but the double extend wand is truly a all in one, sweet little package of perfection & ease. Do not waste your money on another product, if you want good mascara, grab this one and save yourself a lot of time & money.

P.S. The one I use is the red and white tube.
P.S.S. I have a new camera & can start taking pictures for this blog.

Future blog’s will be:
~Review of the Sephora Colorista Palette
~ Reason for stopping my Aveeno products
~ Search for a new primer, testing Hard Candy Sheer Envy


  1. I will have to try that one, I have never tried a mascara that I like.

  2. thats what i always use love it